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Thermal Scanning

Industry Specific Solutions

Millennium Advisors offers services that meet and/or exceed OSHA/ANSI safety and health standards, with solutions that provide in-depth, yet practical solutions - specifically designed to meet our clients’ diversified needs.

Additional Services

-Facade Access Safety Training

-Thermal Scanning Solutions and Programs

-Disinfection, Electrostatic (EPA approved) Services

-Mold Mitigation

-Air quality testing

-Technical and engineering consultation

-Structural & Architectural Review & Analysis

-System Design Services

-End-user System Review

-Peer to Peer Consulting

-System Procurement 

-Safety Data Sheet Management (SDS)

-Safety program and onsite safety auditing

-SDS Training (Hazcom)

-Aerial Lift Training

-Ladder Training

Although incidents can be reduced through good employee selection, training, and common sense - the need for expert safety training adds piece of mind and profitability to any business.

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